Bio Info

Portrait: albert a caporasoMy objective is to capture beauty and peacefulness in my images. It is an extension of my personal interests of enjoying people, nature, and serenity which make my life more complete. My journey began with wanting to capture the peace and beauty I observed as I traveled, hiked and played golf in some of nature’s most scenic places. It has been a rewarding journey as I have learned the technical and artistic aspects of photography which are necessary to capture interesting and attractive images. It has also conditioned me to be more observant, which leads to a more fulfilling life. It has finally led to thousands of images and a quest to make thousands more.

My photographic interests are eclectic. Primarily I am a nature photographer because I spend so much of my free time outdoors on trails, in National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, and State and Local parks. However, I find beauty in many things I see every day: buildings, people, animals, flowers, etc. I also find there is as much beauty in the edge of a flower petal at Longwood Gardens as there is in field of wildflowers at 12,000 feet in the Colorado Rockies. There is beauty in a huge Yosemite waterfall and in a small shell on a Cape Henlopen Beach. Sometimes it only takes the color and shape of a solo tulip to capture a beautiful image. It could be a Grand Canyon Sunset or a dew covered cobweb at dawn at Bombay Hook. Other times I capture beauty in a facial expression or gesture. We are provided with infinite views of peace and beauty every day of our lives and I try to capture a few of them for posterity.

This started as a solo journey. Over time, family and friends began to appreciate my images; and now many others enjoy the beauty and peace in these pictures. I am always moved when people request images for their homes and offices. It is the ultimate compliment when others want to share an image every day. I hope that whenever you view one of my images that you will be filled with peace.